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Allyant Group B.V., specializes in the incorporation, management, and administration of companies for clients active in the eCommerce industry worldwide including online gaming.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to cover all aspects of corporate structuring, business support as well as activities related to the application and maintenance of a Curaçao online gaming licensing. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver the corporate solutions you need!

The Senior Compliance Officer ensures the organization adheres to government regulations and internal policies He/she reports directly to management and advises on ethical business operations and managing internal and external compliance risks. The Senior Compliance Officer is responsible for the implementation of laws and regulations in policies and procedures, and monitors compliance with these laws and regulations.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Strategic contribution to the development and implementation of the office’s compliance policy;
  • Translates the compliance policy into operational measures and procedures;
  • Identifies, and provides advice on, measures to be implemented following the introduction of new laws and regulations;
  • Promotes awareness within the company of reputation and ethics-related risks, and the ramifications of external laws and regulations for the company’s business operations;
  • Registers and monitors incidents and advises the board on management of these incidents, along with any amendments to processes and procedures;
  • Liaises with various regulators (including the Dutch Central Bank, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets [AFM] and others) and provides reports to regulators as and when required;
  • (Co-) execute compliance actions and ensures deadlines are met
  • Prepares compliance audits
  • Ensures that all team members are effectively instructed on the nature and monitoring of ethics-related risks concerning the office and its clients.

Education and experience

  • Holds a higher educational degree in a relevant field (i.e. legal, business-organizational or a qualification in a similar, relevant field);
  • Has at least five years of proven work experience as a compliance professional in the financial industry;
  • Has successfully completed one or more of approved training courses for compliance professionals;
  • Familiarity with the operating processes and transactions in place within a trust office and their characteristics (including risks), along with the compliance rules;
  • Familiarity with the relevant laws and regulations, including the Netherlands Trust Offices (Supervision) Act, the Regulation on Sound Operational Management relating to the Trust Offices (Supervision) Act 2014, the Financial Supervision Act, the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act, and the Sanctions Act;
  • Familiarity with domestic and international standards relevant to the assessment of ethics risks, such as the FATF lists and the CPI;
  • Familiarity with the objectives and establishment of the Compliance Charter, Compliance Manual and Compliance Monitoring programmes;
  • Experienced in drafting policies, measures and procedures;
  • Experienced in instructing employees (knowledge-transfer processes) and with awareness- raising processes.


  • Analytical, independent and impartial (that is, can adopt an impartial attitude to the board and management and is able to provide an impartial opinion or viewpoint, including in difficult situations, e.g. in which significant commercial interests play a role;
  • Able to connect people and foster support at all levels of the organization, without losing independence position;
  • Strong communication skills and is able to write clear, accurate and effective reports and provide clear, accurate and effective advice.

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