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Located approximately 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela, Curaçao is a Caribbean island and a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Allyant Group’s experts have comprehensive experience in setting up corporate structures and incorporation of legal entities. As part of our fiduciary services, we take care of your company formation with registration in Curaçao. All formalities and paperwork for the incorporation of the company are handled accordingly by us. We take care of the paperwork and legal requirements, so that you don’t have to invest time and research in finding the best solutions.




Official language Dutch, Papiamentu
Correspondence languages Dutch, Spanish, English, Papiamentu
Basic tax profit rate for a legal entity 22% (0-3% under certain criteria)
Location Caribbean
State structure Parliamentary democracy


What are the pros of the Curaçao company registration?

curacao company registration

For offshore companies Curaçao offers an ideal trifecta:

  • Modern ICT infrastructure;
  • Ideal location in the Dutch Caribbean, right in the middle of North and South America, with strong liaisons to Europe;
  • High education level and multilingual within the local population.


Types of companies that can be registered in Curaçao:

Allow our experts to assist you with the setup of your legal gambling company to best fit the entrepreneurs needs. Our team specializes in assisting you with the best solution for your concept and planned business activities. We provide our clients with all the necessary information about laws, taxes and benefits of Curaçao licensing. Whether your business start-up is in e-commerce, online gaming, or any other sector of online business, our gambling company formation experts will be able to take the registration process out of your hands. The following are the legal structure options when it comes to Сuracao company registration:


Private Limited Liability Company | N.V. / B.V.

The “B.V., Besloten Vennootschap” and also herein further referred to as B.V., is a Private Limited Liability Company. This is a very common form of corporation, due to the flexibility that it offers. The private limited liability company is similar to the N.V., in Dutch: Naamloze Vennootschap” which is a Limited Liability Company.

Requirements for N.V. / B.V. shareholders and directors

Curaçao was part of the former Netherlands Antilles. The gambling company N.V. must have at least one shareholder who is not a resident of Curaçao. Also, this gambling company must have at least one managing director residing in Curaçao. However, it is not necessary to register an office there. Shareholders meet once a year on the island. Correspondence comes to the name of the local contact person who is a resident of the island. Their presence in the gambling company is mandatory.

B.V. is similar to N.V., but has some minor differences. For example, the shareholders of B.V. there can be only registered shares and general meetings of shareholders can be convened at the initiative of an individual shareholder.

Features of the Curaçao taxation

Curaçao company formation provides for territorial taxation. For companies that have chosen this jurisdiction but are geographically located outside it, the tax rate is favorable. The corporate income tax is 0%, the profit tax is 0 – 3%, VAT – 0%. For local companies, the profit tax rate is (22%). Another feature that the Curaçao license has is the stability of the tax rate. The specified payment mode in effect in the E-Zone is insured against any changes until 2026. 


Public Partnership

The Public Partnership is a limited partnership in which there is a distinction drawn between the limited partners and the general or managing partners. The general or managing partners manage the affairs of the Public Partnership and represent it in dealings with third parties. A limited partner can only represent the general partners as their attorney-at-fact and contribute to the partnership a certain amount of capital, determining the range of their liability. 

Popular features of a Public Partnership:

  • Distinction between limited partners and managing partners;
  • Formed by a notarial or a private deed;
  • The Public Partnership is not considered a separate entity for profit tax purposes.


Sole Proprietorship

A proprietorship (eenmanszaak in Dutch) is another official form of business where there is no distinction between the business assets and personal assets. The owner is in this case personally liable for all obligations of the business. International individuals need a business license in order to establish a sole proprietorship if they wish to do so. For a proprietorship, business income or loss is reported on the owner’s individual income tax return.



A foundation (or stichting in Dutch) is a legal entity, commonly used for charitable purposes. Foundations are also frequently used as the official owner of assets of which others hold the economic ownership. The foundation has neither members nor shareholders, nor a capital divided into shares (as opposed to a corporation).


Offshore Curaçao online casinos/ online gaming

Companies that offer online gambling, gaming and online entertainment, are considered offshore online operators. While the company is registered in Curaçao, its clientele is exclusively international, offering favorable tax rates. Curaçao offers an attractive and easy setup and licensing process, as well as a low tax rate (approx. 0 – 3%), unlimited dividend withdrawals and other benefits.

Common benefits of online casino registration in Curaçao:

  1. Opportunity to conduct a licensed international business;

  2. A single type license that covers all types of online gaming products;

  3. A simple procedure for obtaining a license;

  4. Cost efficient compared to other jurisdictions;

  5. High quality of technical support of online casinos in Curaçao;

  6. Short term for obtaining an official license;

  7. Favorable tax rate 0 – 3%;

  8. Unlimited withdrawal of dividends;

  9. Opportunity for the operator not to register an office in Curaçao;

  10. Indefinite validity of the sub-license.


Which legal entity formation option is best for your vision?

That’s where Allyant comes in. We specialize in offshore business, offshore banking and local tax regulations. Rest assured, that our experts are able to recommend to you the best offshore company formation structure, within the jurisdiction and legal formation that best suits your offshore Curaçao company needs. We provide our customers with all the necessary information for international business issues.


Form of business Tax rate
N.V. (E-Zone Companies) 2%
N.V. (Export Companies) 3.2%
B.V. 2%


Required documents to setup your offshore Curaçao company:

As soon as our client acceptance and Know Your Client (KYC) review has been completed, we can have your Curaçao company registration completed within 24 hours. To make this process as smooth and fast as possible, the following notarized documentation is required:

  1. Certified true copy of a valid passport;

  2. Certified true copy of an ID card or Driver’s License;

  3. An original personal reference letter from a reputable bank;

  4. An original personal reference letter from a professional advisor such as a registered lawyer or accountant;

  5. Both above mentioned letter should provide an opinion on the conduct and general standing of each UBO and addressed to Allyant Group;

  6. An original or certified true copy of a proof of Proof of Residence or similar documents showing the residential address of the UBO as the proof of current residence;

  7. Original Declaration of Source of Funds;

  8. Original or certified true copy of a Proof of No Criminal Record;

  9. Up to date Curriculum Vitae;

  10. Copy of a document confirming the shareholder’s Tax Identification Number (TIN) and the issuing party.


Take advantage of our personalized approach:

offshore company curacao formation

What makes Allyant Group stand out, is that we give each client a personalized approach and dedication and all the necessary information for their business. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your e-commerce, online gaming or online/digital business and your vision. We not only take paperwork off your hands. We help you strategize to identify the best, fastest and most cost-effective solutions for Сuracao company formation.


Our strengths: Speed and accuracy:

Our risk management experts and compliance review experts work efficiently, to help you through our Know Your Client acceptance procedure in simple and organized steps. Moreover, our vast network and good standing relationship with the Curaçao financial authorities, tax regulators and gaming license authorities ensure a smooth process of incorporation and setup.


We provide cost-effective solutions:

We will ensure to recommend the best entity type, legal Curaçao company formation and structure to match your business. Our solutions not only help you save time, but we make sure to save you money by giving you exactly what your business needs.


Reliability: We built our reputation, you get to benefit from it:

Allyant Group brings 10+ years of relationships in good standing with local notaries and financial authorities to the table. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, which means that you can rely on our compliance, corporate governance, and years of relationship with the Master license holders or other authorities.


Experience: You are in the best hands with us:

Our expertise covers the fields of e-commerce, egaming, licensing, online service providers and all digital businesses. Every representative in the team at Allyant Group knows the process of online business and gambling company formation from an insider and from a service provider perspective. Rest assured, we know how to get it done!


Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the steps of Curaçao company registration?

The registration process starts with our Know Your Client procedure and assessment of the intended business operations. Once we received the required due diligence documentation, Allyant Group will take care of the further steps needed for favorable incorporation including:

Liaising with the notary;

Registration with the Chamber of Commerce;

Registration with the Tax Authorities;

Registration with Regulators as applicable;

Licensing as applicable.


Can you help me with Curaçao licensing?

Yes, Allyant Group maintains a good standing relationship with the regulators and master license holders. Once your offshore Curaçao company is incorporated, we can assist with the complete licensing process, efficiently and fast.


How long will offshore Curaçao company incorporation take?

Once the client acceptance procedure has been completed and your documentation has been accepted by our compliance team, we can have your company registered and ready to apply for a license within 1 week.


What are the costs of offshore company incorporation in Curaçao?

For offshore company Curaçao offers the certain cost terms. The costs depend on the type of entity, the expected volume of transactions and the entrepreneurs support services needed. We pride ourselves in our personalized approach and will only recommend the services that you need, to keep your business cost efficient. Book a meeting with us and allow our specialists to provide you with the favorable conditions and the best recommendations for your business.


Is a business plan required?

Yes, a business plan is required in order for us to assist you with Curaçao company registration and licensing application. In case needed, we are able to recommend service providers that can assist you with preparation of a business plan.

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