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Our professionals are leaders in the industry thanks to many years of experience in assisting clients with obtaining and maintaining a Curaçao online gaming license.

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Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is the center of offshore business and online gambling licensing. We can assist you with the online gaming license application process as well as the activities required to comply with all the terms and conditions of the gambling license regulator. An important factor in our services is that we do the utmost to keep your Curaçao gaming license cost-efficient and compliant.


Benefits of Curaçao gambling license

Since the government of Curaçao developed the legal framework for gambling and began licensing companies in 1996, the jurisdiction has established itself as one of the most sought-after countries for gambling. Let us share the most important advantages the Curaçao online casino license offers.

Short pick-up process

The duration for obtaining a Curaçao online gaming license application is subject to certain variables, and as such, the expected timeframe is not fixed. Typically, the process spans between 8 to 16 weeks, with an average duration of 12 weeks. The variability in this timeline largely depends on the responsiveness of the client and the timely provision of required documents. Efficient and prompt collaboration from the client’s end can contribute to a quicker processing period, whereas delays in document submission or communication may extend the licensing timeline. It is crucial for applicants to maintain open and swift lines of communication to facilitate a smoother and more expeditious licensing process.

Wide range of gaming activities

The Curaçao e-gaming license allows all electronic gambling operations, including sports betting, casino and table games, bingo, online poker and lotto. In addition, there is also a single license application for software providers, affiliates, platform operators, etc.

Simple procedure for obtaining

The procedure for obtaining a casino and gambling license in Curaçao is quite simple. The client is not obligated to be personally present and the package of documents required to obtain a Curaçao gaming license is limited to a minimum.

Optimal solution for startups

The Curaçao gaming license will be the right solution for startups that are just groping their way into the iGaming industry. The newly formed company will be able to test the concept, build a user base, and explore the online gambling industry without a tangible capital investment. In addition, this company will be able to diversify into different market segments on favorable terms.


The Curaçao Gaming Control Board (CGCB) is the regulatory authority for all gambling and gaming companies registered on Curaçao. As a part of its role, the CGCB supervises all gaming companies for compliance with regulations.

The infrastructure for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) on Curaçao finds its legal basis in the National Ordinance on Identification when rendering services (LID) and the National Ordinance on the reporting of unusual transactions (LMOT).

CGCB requirements within Curaçao online gaming regulations are

  • Acquiring a gambling license for operation of the business.
  • Acceptance of players from those countries and geographic regions where online gambling is allowed by law.
  • Acceptance strictly adult players (the minimum age is 18) and players who have reached the age specified by the jurisdiction of the player’s place of residence as eligible for online gaming.
  • Offering assistance for problem gamblers.
  • Identification when rendering services.
  • Reporting of unusual transactions.

The requirements for obtaining a Curaçao gaming license

The requirements for obtaining a Curaçao gaming license are developed by the local regulators and include the following items:

  • For applicants to register a Curaçao casino and betting license, each applicant must be registered as a legal entity in the VTP (Chamber of Foreign Trade);
  • At least one of the founders of the company must be a resident of the Netherlands Antilles;
  • The company’s activities must comply with the requirements of identification and legal expertise;
  • It is necessary to provide an extensive explanation of each casino game separately (by whom it was developed, for whom, the plot of the game, etc.);
  • The company’s (physical) servers must be located in the territory of Curaçao;
  • It is necessary to provide data that each player who has deposited money is supported;
  • Casino software, like any gaming equipment, must be audited of which evidence must be submitted to the jurisdiction;
  • Software certification must include an RNG certificate;
  • The jurisdiction of Curaçao denies licensing to minor citizens of all countries (they must be at least 18 years old).
  • It should also be noted that if the business owner has already applied for licensing the gambling business, the jurisdiction is ready to help with advice.

Required documents for obtaining a Curaçao gambling license

  • Original utility bill (not older than 3 months);
  • Copy of passport;
  • Summary;
  • Original certificate of no criminal record;
  • Original Bank recommendation;
  • Expert recommendation letter;
  • Copy of second ID.

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How to Get a Curaçao License: What we can do for you

Curacao online gaming license

Business incorporation

To obtain a Curaçao gambling license, it is mandatory to establish a local company with limited liability (B.V. or N.V.). The company name must be in Latin transcription and a local agent has to be appointed. Next to that, the company must have a legal address in and be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. We will assist you with the registration of your company while advising you on the best legal steps for your betting and casino business activities.

Documentation for regulators

In addition to licensing, compliance with the financial and tax authorities is required to keep your casino and betting business in good standing. Our experts will take that task off your hands, while you focus on providing your customers with the best gambling experience.


We have established procedures in place to monitor your transactions and detect any irregularities, so that action can be taken fast and effectively.


Therefore we can provide all the necessary compliance procedures and documentation needed for Curaçao regulators so that your company maintains not only good standing but also an impeccable reputation.

Our strengths

The representatives of our accounting and bookkeeping company are not only experts in their field, but also in online business, e-commerce and online gaming. This specialized knowledge means that we relate to your priorities and vision for your business. We understand your highest needs, accuracy, reliability and speed.
Let us take care of the numbers, while you take care of the business.

Our network helps you increase your net worth

Allyant Group brings 10+ years of relationships in good standing with local notaries and financial authorities to the table. We are regulated by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, which means that you can rely on our compliance, corporate governance, and years of relationship with the Master license holders or other authorities.

Our stakeholder relationships

We will ensure to recommend the best entity type, legal Curaçao company formation and structure to match your business. Our solutions not only help you save time, but we make sure to save you money by giving you exactly what your business needs.

Local and international

Based on an assessment of your vision, your target market and your business activities, we can recommend solutions that fit your gambling business best. In case an international company structure is needed to comply with payment service providers or with any other business needs, our international team can assist you with the same level of speed, cost efficiency, reliability and excellence.

Table of Contents

    Frequently Asked Questions

    01 Can you assist with licensing?

    Yes, our team of experts can take the complete process of licensing off your hands.

    02 What is the licensing process in Curaçao?

    The first step to register a Curaçao license is submitting an application. The client must then provide a detailed report on clause 7 of the license for intellectual property for online games, as well as a report on compliance with the conditions. The next step is to fill out the IP application form together with a package of documents, make the payment, and after about 6 weeks the client receives either a license or a checklist of improvements for receiving it.

    03 What if my business needs to be registered outside of Curaçao?

    Based on an assessment of your vision, your target market and your business activities, we can recommend solutions that fit your betting and casino business best. In case an international company structure is needed to comply with payment service providers or with any other business needs, our international team can assist you with the same level of speed, cost efficiency, reliability and excellence.

    04 How much does a Curaçao license cost?

    At the moment, the cost of a Curaçao gambling license for all types of gambling ranges between €4,500 to €12,500 per year. But in the near future (either the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024), it is planned to increase the cost of the Curacao online gaming license in agreement with the government of the Netherlands. For example, the application fee will be €4,000 and another €12,000 annually as a license fee.

    05 How long does it take to get a Curaçao gambling license?

    After submitting an application, it takes about 6 weeks before clients either receive a license or a list of improvements to obtain the license.

    06 Who issues Curaçao sub-licenses?

    Sub-licenses are issued by owners of masterlicenses. At the moment, getting a master license is almost impossible. They are issued by the Minister of Justice, and since 1996, only 4 holders of master licenses have remained in Curacao: Cyberluck Curacao N.V., Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V., Gaming Curacao, Antillephone NV.

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