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We offer high quality assistance through a tailored set of legal, financial and compliance services. The flexibility and the combination of our specialist skills are the key factors that allow us to promptly deliver the best corporate solutions and back office support that fit your business needs.


Benefits of our back office support:

Lower Operating Cost

As an offshore business, Allyant Group is able to offer competitive rates for the important day to day activities that are needed to keep your business running. This allows your business to be free of unnecessary payroll, office spaces and other operating expenses.


• One stop shop

Our back-office services are a highly recommended add-on, as we’re able to save our client’s significant time. Especially within online business, time is money, and having to communicate with multiple parties to run your business can be a daunting task. As Allyant Group is taking care of your documentation, we know your business model and are safe keeping your information, we are able to provide speedy back-office support without needing extra taxing on your time.


• Focus on your core business

Time is your most important asset within e-commerce, gaming and online business in general. The more you can dedicate to income producing activities, the better. The management of a team, review and daily correspondence that is involved with running your business can take a great part of your attention away from your core business. Allow Allyant Group to take care of these for you while you keep growing your business.


• Access to years of experience

Imagine the time investment needed to train a team, or explain your business to a third party. And the review and additional correspondence that would be involved with running your back office smoothly. Now, imagine the feeling of relief by knowing that with Allyant Group by your side, you do not need to concern yourself with that. Our experts bring 10+ years of experience in e-commerce, online gaming and digital business to the table. You can rely on Allyant Group and start your business without looking back, knowing that all administrative, financial and daily correspondence tasks are in the best hands.


• Access to advanced technology

Technology evolves fast. And a rich ICT environment is essential. This is why Allyant Group has made significant investments in latest technology and automations, to keep all our client’s activities running smoothly. Based on the systems we have in place, any information or assistance you need is just a push of a button away.


• Expand your business faster

When you know that you are supported by the best, you expand with confidence. With Allyant Group taking the mundane back office tasks off your hand, your attention can be 100% focused on growing your business.


• Flexibility in growing your business

Make decisions easier and faster without worrying about commitments to staff. Try out new concepts, explore new territories, travel freely and at will. Allyant Group’s team will be diligently working on your day-to-day tasks while you discover new ways to expand your life and business.


Let our team take over the day-to-day minutiae and paperwork, so that you can focus on your core business worry-free.


Our back office services include but are not limited to:

• Signing & delivering legal paperwork

This includes paperwork needed for the Chamber of Commerce, Tax Authorities, Banks, Merchants, Service Providers, Affiliates or any other third parties.


• Completion of compliance forms

Licensing requirements and compliance requirements are frequently updated. As such, we maintain your documentations up to date and submit needed forms and legal paperwork as needed.


• Bank account documentation

Bank account opening and management can be a daunting task. However, with Allyant Group this is a swift process, as our standing relationships allow us to work directly with dedicated account managers at all top tier banks. We will have your offshore bank account opened and operational in record breaking speed.


• Correspondence with master license holders for gaming companies

On a regular basis, master license holders are likely to make inquiries about customer complaints or business practices. Allyant Group has the expertise to help you maintain a smooth relationship with the master license holder and protect your business from any interruptions.


• Assistance with and making of management decisions where needed

Allyant Group’s specialists all have personal work experience in the online gaming, e-commerce and digital business space. For you as a client, this is a game-changing asset. Our experts can help you with business insight, advice on service providers, affiliates or any other areas that you may need a sparring partner.


• Maintaining company documents up to date

Operate your business worry free while we take care of your relationships in the background. Good standing documents with the tax authorities, licensing authorities, banks and regulators are essential. Within our back office support services, we ensure that your documentation remains up to date and supplied timely to all these parties.


• Yearly company registrations

On a yearly basis, your license, company registration and third-party agreements will be reviewed and updated as necessary by our dedicated specialist. With Allyant Group you are safe from the risk of having outdated registrations affect your business.


• Maintaining all KYC documents up to date with all relevant parties

KYC requirements are very dynamic, changing parallel with the speed of technology. Our experts ensure that whenever laws and regulations are updated, you are informed on a timely manner and your company documents are updated and submitted properly.


• Maintenance and review of agreements

We protect our clients at Allyant Group, at all cost. A common risk is getting stuck in having outdated or expired agreements, which can make your company vulnerable. We regularly review all agreements and maintain these up to date and assist you effectively in case you have a desire to be released of any agreement per the first possible opportunity.


• Booking of financial transactions

Data entry of all transactions keeping your bookkeeping accurate and up to date. Have insight in your cash flow and the status of your company on demand, whenever desired, as our administrative agents keep your bookkeeping up to date.


• Domain purchasing and maintenance

As a digital business owner, the last thing we would want you to be concerned about is your domain, which is the very heart of your business. Within our relationships, we have access to the best and most secure domain purchasing processes, helping you protect your domain. We also review your domains regularly to ensure that your domain registrations are secure and are up to date.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are back office services?

Within back office services, Allyant Group will take care of the day to day tasks that keep your business running. Think of administrative tasks, bookkeeping, document signing and delivery, handling correspondence and complaints and other behind the scenes tasks that are essential.


Can I keep the back office tasks in-house to save money?

While this is certainly an option, our experience shows that doing these tasks in-house actually increases costs. Think of payroll, time needed for supervision and review, commitment to staff, and the time it takes you away from building your business.


What is included in back office services?

  • Examples of our back office services are;
  • Booking of daily transactions;
  • Keeping compliance documents up to date;
  • Maintenance and review of agreements;
  • Company registrations;
  • Maintaining and submitting bank account documentation;
  • Correspondence with regulators;
  • Signing and delivery of documents.

And more. Allow us to assess your business needs and we will recommend the best solutions for your company.


What are the fees for back office support?

At Allyant Group we understand that not every business has the same needs. As such, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Our experts are readily available to provide you with an assessment, so that you can make the best and most cost-efficient decision for your business.