Arrangement and Management of Banking and Payment Facilities

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At Allyant Group, we really are a one stop solution. We take over the burden of the daily financial tasks, so that you can focus on growing your business.

We understand that having a corporate bank account to manage the offshore company’s funds is high on our client’s priority list. Thanks to our wide network of payment providers, local and international banks, we are able to assist you in finding the best offshore banking solution for your company.

Our financial management services include

Transaction monitoring

Allyant Group takes firm and effective steps against financial crimes and identity theft. Our specialists maintain very close surveillance of your customer’s transactions to detect any inconsistencies timely and help protect your business.

Payment processing to all third parties

We know our clients are power players. This is why our solutions include taking over the tasks that take you away from finding new business. Rest assured that your payments to third parties will be on time and accurate, while taking your cash flow and business priorities into account. Third party payments include (but are not limited to) software providers, affiliates, affiliate marketeers and service providers.

Opening and management of your bank accounts

As your fiduciary service provider, Allyant Group will have your business documentation in place. As such, allowing Allyant Group to open and manage your bank accounts is an efficient solution and highly recommended. Our portfolio of relationships consists of top tier banks, with which we have built trust and a good standing relationship. Additionally, per our vast experience, we are able to advise you on the best banking solutions for your type of business and type of transactions.

Authorized signatory, if applicable

Authorized signatory services refer to Allyant Group as a third party, in some cases appointed Managing Director, having power of attorney to sign documentation and contracts on the company’s behalf. Take into account that some banks and regulatory organizations are likely to require a local resident as authorized signatory.

Merchant account opening

Leave the research to find the best merchant account provider to Allyant Group. Our vast network includes the best in the industry. Additionally, our team is dedicated to finding the best match for your business. Thus, if still needed, we will do the research to find the best merchant for you. As your company documentation is in place with us, we can easily assist you with the KYC process at the merchant and take care of the account opening for you, so that your business is ready to start. Our strength herein in the speed and efficiency with which we are able to get your business up and running.

Bank statement reporting

Allyant Group’s experts are focused on protecting your company. As such, monitoring your bank statements is a key part of our risk management solutions. We also ensure that bank statements are filed securely and are readily available at hand for your insight whenever needed.

Maintaining your bank account compliant with the banks and local authorities

As technology development increases at a high-speed rate and compliance regulations receive more attention, it is imperative that companies have banking information up to date and ready at hand. Our solutions ensure that in case of annual reports or any compliance audits, your documentation and bank accounts are always up to date and within regulations. As regulations are frequently updated, our compliance experts make sure that your documentation remains current. We inform you timely in case any updated documentation is needed, so that your company remains active without interruption.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01 What is financial management?

    Within our financial management solutions, we take care of the daily financial tasks in your business. This includes, but is not limited to maintenance of bank accounts, payment processing, merchant account opening, transaction monitoring and authorized signatory.

    02 Why do I need to outsource financial management?

    We understand that the best area to focus your attention is in growing and promoting your business. The financial aspects of your business can be time consuming, yet need to be taken care of with accuracy. As such, we highly recommend allowing Allyant Group to assist.

    03 Can you also sign financial documents for me?

    Yes, as Managing Director, Allyant Group can take care of reviewing and signing all financial documentation.

    04 What if I have/ need a bank account outside of Curaçao?

    Within our vast experience and established relationships, Allyant Group can assist you with recommendations and the bank account opening process worldwide.

    05 I need a payment processor/ merchant. Can you recommend any?

    Not only can Allyant Group recommend the best match for your business. We are able to assist with the account opening as we already have the documentation in place.

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      Updated: April 12, 2024