E-meet Jennifer Streedel

Jennifer Streedel

E-meet Jennifer Streedel – Sconowolf, better known as “the singing detective” due to her not so angelical voice.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Curaçao in Business Administration majoring in International Business and Management Studies. She started her career working at Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) as Commercial Assistant.

During her time at CAP Jennifer got the opportunity to work with various clients from different backgrounds and cultures. Working at CAP allowed Jennifer to gain valuable experience in the International Business Industry.

Jennifer is multilingual and can speak 4 different languages fluently, being English, Dutch, Spanish, and our local language Papiamentu.

Since October 2020, Jennifer started working at Allyant Group as Gambling Compliance Officer and Corporate Services Executive. She is responsible for all matters related to compliance & corporate governance, the day-to-day bookkeeping and she manages all administrative duties within the organization.

Jennifer is very accurate, passionate, innovative and a proactive team player.

Feel free to contact Jennifer at for any assistant you may require.