Stronger than ever at ICE London 2023

Coming up on February 7th to   February 9th 2023, is ICE London, one of the largest global online gaming conferences. As per usual, Allyant Group will be well represented.  New faces coming your way! This year, our team is bringing some new faces to meet with you. Meet Joël Felida LL.M, legal counsel and Senior Client Business Manager.  Spend some time with us at ICE and learn from Joël how to keep your business reputation in good standing. Incorporation and management of your gaming company can be a smooth and efficient process when you’re prepared in advance with a step by step incorporation plan. Joël can walk you through the latest legislation developments in Curaçao, advise you on how to best navigate your incorporation on the island and keep you up to speed with what to expect in the coming years. Allyant Group COO Philip Humme will also be present during ICE, and he is looking forward to seeing our clients again, while meeting our most recent additions for the first time face to face. Philip, also known by our Allyant Group family as Flip, ensures that all Allyant Group’s daily operations run smoothly. Flip oversees all client procedures, guides our entire team and coordinates that all departments flow together smoothly in managing your gaming company’s requirements. With extensive experience in the industry and a vast network of software providers and operators in his portfolio, Flip is your ideal go-to guy to discuss your next plans of growth of your gaming company.  The networking masters in online gaming events, ready to help you. A remarkable strength of Allyant Group’s key team members and management is our ability to establish and grow vital relationships. Whether you’re looking for guidance in navigating your offshore company with regulators or what steps to take for fast incorporation, be sure to have a chat with Allyant Group during ICE.  As a business owner, many offers and opportunities will be presented to you. Stakeholders and service providers will be showcasing all throughout ICE and many of our close relationships will be speaking in several panels. If you’re looking at establishing any new relationships during ICE London, be sure to check in with our team and allow us to help you with a second look. With our strong network and extensive experience in Allyant Group, both Joël and Flip can help you with referrals and guidance on who to talk to. Of course our team will be excited to fill you in on ways that we can help you build the business of your dreams as well.  This year’s focus: A listening ear. Our focus during ICE London 2023 is to be there as great listeners, open to learn more about what is important for online gaming companies getting ready to incorporate. We’ve built a great relationship with our clients by tailoring our services to a custom made experience. So of course, for those meeting Allyant Group for the first time as well: we aim to please.  Are you one of our existing clients? We can’t wait to shake hands, exchange hugs and have some fun together again! If you’re meeting Allyant Group’s gents for the first time in person, don’t be shy! Joël and Flip know how to have a great time, so allow Allyant Group’s team to be a part of your ICE London 2023 experience! Cheers to great networking, establishing new relationships and connecting even more with the existing ones. See you at ICE London 2023!  For information on obtaining a gaming license or incorporating a company in Curaçao, feel free to contact us at: /