Meet the CFO at ALLYANT Group, Aldrin Wanga




Companies that operate an online gaming business cannot afford the risk of being fined, halting operations, or even worse….losing their gaming license. This is where choosing the right fiduciary services provider comes into perspective. ALLYANT Group has built a steady reputation and network of relationships, not only amongst business operators, but also amongst the financial and gaming authorities. This is why obtaining a gaming license, registration and incorporation of a Curaçao offshore company is a smooth and quick process for the clients of ALLYANT Group.

But how does an offshore company service provider create and maintain such a good reputation amongst the gaming authorities and financial institutions? It starts with timely and accurate reporting of financials for all clients.


Meet the CFO at ALLYANT Group, Aldrin Wanga:

Prior to his arrival at ALLYANT Group, Aldrin spent 6 years as Senior Staff at Ernst & Young. Additionally, Aldrin has built years of expertise in key roles during his time at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Curaçao’s independent government advisory SOAB.  The field of accounting has always appealed to Aldrin, because he has a magic touch with numbers.

The financials of a company play an important role in understanding the wellbeing of the company. This is the overview that indicates the performance of the business.


Never miss a beat:

ALLYANT Group prides itself in the vast portfolio of thriving gaming companies in its clientele. Aldrin plays an important role in ensuring that all clients maintain a healthy operation. As part of his role, Aldrin keeps a watchful eye on contracts, day to day transactions and partnerships, to ensure that clients are not exposing themselves to decisions that create operational risk.

“Drafting financial statements is a long process that needs a lot of concentration and dedication. One wrong number can be inconsistent and unusable for the purposes of controls. Failure to do this may result in bias that could be construed as being a concentration effect. It is a huge responsibility that I take very seriously.” – Aldrin Wanga, CFO ALLYANT Group


A closer look at ALLYANT Group’s CFO:

Aldrin is extremely serious and on point when it comes to his work. You would never guess that behind the serious look is also a loving dad of two beautiful sons.

Aside from spending time with his family, Aldrin also enjoys swimming and fitness.

“Health is wealth. A balance between work and movement ensures that I can deliver peak focus and performance to our clients every day.” – Aldrin Wanga, CFO ALLYANT Group


A day in the life of Aldrin Wanga:

The first thing Aldrin does is check his emails and respond to clients. It’s important to him that all clients get the response that they need as soon as possible. Aldrin takes care of daily transaction bookings and prepares interim reports and financial statements for each client in ALLYANT Group’s dossier. Also as important, Aldrin makes sure that profit tax return deadlines are met for all companies.

For ALLYANT Group Aldrin also takes care of internal policies. Internal procedures for ALLYANT Group are handled with the same watchful eye that Adrin has for all offshore gaming companies.  This includes cash procedures, pension procedures and also travel procedures. Briefly, you can say that Aldrin as ALLYANT Group’s CFO takes care of everything regarding finances.


A message from Aldrin:

If speed and responsiveness is important to you as the owner of your offshore gaming company, then you need to look no further. The most exciting part of my job is being part of bringing ALLYANT Group’s clients to the highest profitability. Keeping your company sustainable long term is a win-win situation for all of us. We are invested in the solid growth and success of your business. We look forward to serving you.

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